Sketch xmas 2010

Sketch about my new xmas pic for 2010, im doing this and i hope finish soon AHHHHHHHH!

Sunboy tarot card

This is the initial idea for a tarot card that I hacindo paragauntettle deviant. Here you can see other cards made by other atistas: http://gauntlette.deviantart.com/gallery/25632745
soon I'll upload thefull color tarot card :)


Hello, I hope you are well spent, a few days before Christmas, and as you know I'm living in Chile, though I do a lot of friends, but I am enjoying it, ironically Christmas in this country comes with summer, so this will be a Christmas shirt with sun and sea.
I for my part I'm doing commissions, so here I have a picture of Alucard I did for a deviantart member.

see you soon!


Colombia needs you !!!

Bad news for my contry:


Colombia is undergoing one of the harshest winters in its history. Extensive flooding has affected half the country causing the loss of thousands of hectares of agricultural production and entire villages have disappeared, particularly in the Colombian Caribbean region. Initial estimates of the Government estimated that the destruction caused by this natural phenomenon reach two trillion U.S. dollars.

This tragedy, as an editorial in El Tiempo, the largest and most influential newspaper in Colombia, published on 16 December with the title: (The 'Katrina' in the Atlantic) is worse than Katrina.

"I want to invite the international community and all my brothers Colombians to unite our efforts in one of the most critical moments that my country has seen in decades: crudísimo this winter that has left thousands homeless homeless, without food, homeless, jobless and without water. I think this is the time to gather our forces and we can overcome this emergency. We need water purification, we need food for thousands and thousands of children are now on the verge of death, but act fast. So I invite you all to put our hands on their hearts and that we can make significant contributions in this moment my country needs it so much Thank you. "

How to help:

:bulletred:International Account
Account Name: "Fiduciaria La Previsora – Fondo Nacional de Calamidades" (Trust The Previsora - National) Calamity Fund
NIT: 860525148-5
Intermediary Bank: CITIBANK NEW YORK
Swift Code: CITIUS33
ABA: 021000089

National Account
Beneficiary Bank: BANK DAVIVIENDA
Account Name: "Fiduciaria La Previsora – Fondo Nacional de Calamidades" (Trust The Previsora - National) Calamity Fund
NIT: 860525148-5
Swift Code: CAFECOBB
Note: 10922762
Current Account: 021-99523-8 Bancafé Red Davivienda


Chun li

I've been practicing my drawing with the characters that I like, this time I did a chun li, use photoshop and I made the line first in pencil, hope you like.