Sketch xmas 2010

Sketch about my new xmas pic for 2010, im doing this and i hope finish soon AHHHHHHHH!

Sunboy tarot card

This is the initial idea for a tarot card that I hacindo paragauntettle deviant. Here you can see other cards made by other atistas: http://gauntlette.deviantart.com/gallery/25632745
soon I'll upload thefull color tarot card :)


Hello, I hope you are well spent, a few days before Christmas, and as you know I'm living in Chile, though I do a lot of friends, but I am enjoying it, ironically Christmas in this country comes with summer, so this will be a Christmas shirt with sun and sea.
I for my part I'm doing commissions, so here I have a picture of Alucard I did for a deviantart member.

see you soon!