Comish for Garanmad

I finally finished this drawing I made for xxx, on deviantart. I wanted to do something different, but at the end of it, I said ..... genzoman seems made for I do not know why, I think that is stylish colors. this is funny. that the last thing I want going through your head when draws are the work of genzoman hehehehe. I meant by this that I do not I have appreciation and admiration to him. as I most imprtant is that the final work, is to the liking of mine and the person who asked me the picture.

as always the sketch was done with pencil and color was done with photoshop.

Characters: Jessie, Panzer and Tsumi

2 comentarios:

DEVILMAN dijo...

Genzo-who >0>?
Jk! This looks fantastic!!!!! The pose of each character hows soo well, i specially like th female and the huge moon and green colors!!!!
El proyecto de felinoides se ve muy bien *_*

Dorianne dijo...

when I first saw this piece I thought it was reminiscent of Genzo's work, but at the same time distinctely your flavour.

Really fantastic though, thank you for sharing!